Thursday, August 25, 2005

This Is What I Pay Karyn For

Karyn: "So glad you felt strong on the bike (yesterday), that's key. Keep on doing your best with the eating, view it as FUEL, not food. You are no Yugo, Vertical Man, you are a Porsche! You need the good stuff to keep it running up to its potential."

My Response: "A Porsche, eh? Funny, I've always viewed them as expensive, tempermental, unreliable and a bit twitchy, the typical uptight German. Oh, I guess you're right - I AM a Porsche!"


Keryn said...

Yes, expensive, tempermental...but also coveted, beautiful, and FAST! You ARE a Porsche! :)

White Salamander said...

haha. fantastico. But why the harsh did against the every stylish Yugo?