Monday, August 08, 2005

Steelhead Race Results (Finally)

I was getting concerned that race organizers somehow zapped the race results out of their computers, but the web site finally coughed 'em up this afternoon. So without any further ado:

  • My time: 5:23:53
  • My place overall: 156/508
  • My place within age group: 7/20
  • Swim: 43:40
  • T1: 5:27 (Includes a bathroom break and chain mishap)
  • Bike: 2:38:43 (21.2 mph)
  • T2: 1:53
  • Run: 1:54:11 (8:42 pace)

So how do I feel two days later? Pretty damn good, that's how. I can think of dozens of things I could've done better or faster, but in the end I blew right through my own expectations. I think that Intrepid Training Partner was worried that I'd be my usual worst critic and obsess about what didn't go right instead of celebrating what did. So the following e-mail message arrived from ITP last night:

"...promise me this: that your finish in your age group ... REGARDLESS of what it is ... won't diminish your sense of accomplishment for HOW WELL YOU DID. You did GREAT! You were 40 minutes faster than what you were HOPING for. You RAN the whole thing. You enjoyed the swim (cannonball and all). And your strategy on the bike was perfect ... as were your ethics in littering. Be PROUD regardless. What a great day you had!!! You completed a HALF IRONMAN triathlon. Remember your very first tri? You've come a long way in a short time. Yesterday was a HUGE accomplishment! Enjoy it as such!!"

Isn't ITP great? And don't worry ITP, I am enjoying it. The only regret I have is that it's over. The race itself was such a blast, and Steelhead-related obsessing and training has been such a huge part of my summer, that now there's a hole needing to be filled. Looks like my 2:30 goal for Chicago in three weeks is going to have to be my new obsession. Or I could always start worrying about IMMOO in 13 months. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions...


Frank the Tank said...

Congratulations on a GREAT finish.

Keryn said...

Those are awesome numbers! You should be proud. :)

I Can Tri said...

Great numbers, VM! Congratulations on crossing off your half IM goal!

Flatman said...

Man, you just did great! Way to be there for the other two, also!

Wil said...

Totally there, an awesome training partner through and through.

Next stop, IMMOO!!!!!!

Danielle said...

Whoo hoo, nice job!

Comm's said...

yeah man thats great. go up an age group and go up in placement. can't get better than that. and sounds like you'll be training again this weekend. see that half was just the beginning.

Oldman said...

congrats on a great job. you should be very proud of your accomplishment. enough of that now get back to training for chicago.