Monday, August 01, 2005

Ryno Rules

Chicago Cubs' second baseman Ryne Sandberg was inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame yesterday. His 23-minute acceptance speech was one long battering of Sammy Sosa's preening, egomaniacal camera-seeking. Talk about swinging for - and hitting - the sweet spot.

"When did it become OK for someone to hit home runs and forget how to play the rest of the game?" , Sandberg asked. I've wondered the same thing. Though in Sosa's defense, he didn't forget how to play the rest of the game. He never learned.

Hey Sammy! Can you spell C-U-T-O-F-F M-A-N?


tarheeltri said...

Awesome... always liked Sandberg and in fact saw him play for the minor league Reading Phillies when I was a youngster. However, I stopped watching pro-sports in general because of the very things Sandberg talked about.

Flatman said...

I love that he called Sosa out like that...there needs to be more athletes with the guts to do this!!!

Way to go Ryno!