Friday, August 19, 2005

Peak Chicago

I'm in the last few workout days of another "Peak" week of preparation for Accenture Chicago. Next week is a taper week, which I really need. Recovery from Steelhead is taking longer than I thought, and battling some sort of virus hasn't helped either.

Yesterday's workouts: an hour and 2,250 yards in the pool, with the main set being 3X500s at my Olympic-distance race pace, and 50 minutes of strength work. I'd not been in the weight room for a while and it showed. Everything was trembling when I staggered back downstairs to the sauna for a few minutes of virus-cooking.

Today's brick workout: 90 minutes of biking with some fast intervals, a quick transition followed by a 30-minute, 4-mile run. It's a beautiful day here in the Great Suburban Outback, sunny and almost-but-not-quite hot.

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Comm's said...

that sounds awesome and your (minus the virus) at the peak of your games for Accenture Chicago.