Friday, August 12, 2005

Inspiration Tag

Yikes! Another tag, this time from Shelley, regarding inspiring tri-people.

Shelley finds pro triathlete Wendy Ingraham inspiring, and after Steelhead I might agree. How someone can be so cheery and (at the same time) so fast on the bike is beyond me. Her "Hey! How are you doing today?" was so unexpected I almost sailed into the weeds.

I also find inspiration in Chris Leigh, another pro triathlete. Chris's near-fatal collapse just feet from the 1997 Ironman Hawaii's finish line has been well-chronicled; his grueling return to championship form at the 2004 Ironman Coeur d'Alene less so - at least until the recent Gatorade commercial.

Wil's introspective, passionate writing always inspires. She puts herself OUT there EVERY DAY.

Jack Jenkins's transition from east coast speechwriter to Colorado mountain biker sort of mirrors my own life at the moment. He's got a few years on me though, and is a way better photographer.

In many respects, triathlon's real inspirational heroes are age groupers everywhere. They manage to juggle careers, families and everything else life throws at them while somehow finding time for this fantastic, demanding, time-consuming, life-altering passion.


Wil said...

This is AWESOME, and you so rock, thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

Last Sunday I competed in an 1/2 Ironman that Chris Leigh raced. He is the nicest most down-to-earth guy. It is very inspiring just knowing that it is these types of athletes that are the elite in our sport.

Meagan said...

Inspiration is triathletes, with the daily training and rigours of life, we need to find our inspiration where we can! Great post!