Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hi, I'm From the Police!

Got home today from some errands and found a business card stuck in our front door, a card from a Great Suburban Outback POLICE OFFICER. "Call me" was written on the back. So like a dutiful, non-terrorist, non-criminal, non-traffic-law-violating citizen, I called. Immediately.

Turns out Tri-Daughter #4 may have been a witness to the egging of her best friend's house, an act which, lamentably, has become a frequent occurrence here in the GSO. The local constables are tracking down the miscreants and need #4's capable assistance.

Damn kids. Throwing perfectly good protein around while I'm losing a pound and a half a day. Have they no respect for a chicken's hard-fought labors?


I Can Tri said...

Great blog,'s part of my daily read.

Good luck with the race this weekend. Looking forward to tracking your progress-very cool!

tri-mama said...

In our neighborhood it's forks in lawns and the obligatory tp. I had a year supply stored up a few years back. TP not forks. If you want my semi pro opinion, some mineral deficiencies can lead to decrease in appetite-zinc in particular. Sounds like your anabolic (build) v catabolic (breakdown) is wacked out and will need to be stabilized. Might take some thyroid tweaking and some supplements in addition to added calories. Hope the doc has some good insight for you-this would be a little unnerving.

mipper said...

VM, i would strongly recommend you seeing your doc before "in a few months". i know you have a physical then but really you should call. i have thyroid issues in the family history and he mine told me the two times to call as soon asi suspect something are 1) if i absolutely, no matter what, can't lose weight no matter what i am doing (along with sluggish feelings, depression, etc) and 2)*this was more improtant to him* if i can't gain weight no matter what i do and in fact i lose at an excessively unhealthy rate.

you sound like #2 my friend. maybe it is thyroid (which can actually get whacked out by a tweaked metabolism...i.e. hard Steelhead training) please please call and just *ask* if you should be seen yet. pretty please!

oh and at least your sweet daughter only witnessed and wasn't chucking... good girl!

Wil said...

AGAIN something like this? Wasn't the last time something goofy with fireworks? Holy cow! LOL!

Comm's said...

I never saw nuthin, ever copper, ya see.