Sunday, August 28, 2005

Accenture Chicago Race Results

Official results for this Olympic distance race can be found here.

  • Swim: 34:00 (last year: 41:26)
  • T1: 3:00 (last year 4:17)
  • Bike 1:06:23 @ 22.9 MPH (last year: 1:15:22 @ 19.7 MPH)
  • T2: 2:02 (last year: 2:55)
  • Run: 49:31 @ 7:59 pace (last year: 54:48 @ 8:50 pace)
  • Total time: 2:34:56 (last year: 2:58:51)
  • Overall place: 332/3632 (last year: 1628/3426)
  • Gender: 306/2497 (last year: NA)
  • Age group: 11/113 (last year: 68/156)
  • Swim place: 1296/3632 (last year: 2542/3426)
  • Bike place: 144/3632 (last year: 906/3426)
  • Run Place: 426/3632 (last year: 1786/3426)

Unlike last year's cool and windy conditions, today was gorgeous, with mild temperatures, light winds and low humidity. Lake Michigan was as smooth as it ever gets for the swim. Lake Shore drive still has speed bumps the size of small mountains. But I had a pretty solid race. I didn't hit my 2:30 goal, but I knocked off a hell of a lot of time compared to last year, had a blast and finished vertically. Can't ask for much more than that.

Continued thanks go to Karyn for her outstanding training and coaching. I'm gettin there, Karyn! Keep kicking me!

More later (after a long nap.)


Shelley said...

Wow...smoking fast times there VM...keep up the excellent work!!

nancytoby said...

Jeez, you TORE UP that course compared to last year! Especially that bike ride! Your tires must have been smoking, indeed! WELL DONE!

Comm's said...

that is so great. good job VM

bunnygirl said...

Wow, way to PR the course! Great job!

I Can Tri said...

Way to finish vertical, man!


Way to finish, Vertical Man!

Keryn said...

That's incredible! Those are awesome times and great improvements over last year! YOU ROCK!

Wil said...

WOW! You are really turning into a speed demon! Nice job!

mipper said...

AMAZING times! you completely smoked last years times and placements. that must have felt awesome. WTG!