Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hey Buddy! Change This!

In my prior (i.e. employed) life, I spent a lot of time with the writings and concepts of a marketing guru named Seth Godin. I won't bore you with a lot of business-speak except to say that on any given day, Seth has more great ideas before breakfast than most of us do in a year.

One of his neatest ideas is a little blog-like thing called ChangeThis, a collection of "manifestos" on a multitude of topics, all with the goal of facilitating "the spread of thoughtful arguments." A recent thoughtful argument is titled "The Barriers To Health and Fitness."

If you are (or intend to be) a triathlete you've probably gotten past most of the barriers. Still, it's interesting reading if only to remind ourselves that it's a daily battle. (Note: reading the manifestos requires Adobe Acrobat.)


I Can Tri said...

Hey VM-

Great blog you've got here. I enjoyed reading this post and the link to the "Change This" blog.


tarheeltri said...

It's funny... like he says in the article, I literally have to clarify which thoughts of mine are true and which are not on a regular basis. I always find myself getting swamped at work or home, then I re-think things and see how I can be more efficient, and voila! I have more time. Good link.