Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Someone's Trying To Kill Me

Fourteen mile run today in the heat. 7 miles out, 7 miles back. As I hit the turn-around point, there was a distinct rumble of thunder in the distance. The storm got louder and darker even as home seemed to recede in the distance. Here we go again. Someone's trying to kill me.

As I crossed the last bridge and made the turn onto our street, I saw the storm missing us to the south. Still, I've gotta get a better weather forecaster. Or find some way to affix a lightning rod to my ass.


mipper said...

not trying to kill you, just trying to speed you up. where is the positive spin, oh great VM? :)

Comm's said...

I just love thunder and lightning storms though I would rather not be caught riding or running in them.

I just found out the area of my summer fishing trip in Yosimite next month has two and half feet of snow on the ground and below freezing temps. I don't even think my freezer gets below 70 degrees in a Phoenix summer. What am I to do? Well I guess pray for warmer temps and thunder and lightning storms

soccerdad said...

awesome run, dude. i did a mere 5 miles sunday afternoon in the brutal heat and was toast. good job.

Wil said...

14 in that heat!? Holy cow - you're set for Steelhead.

Lightening rod to your ass...Do you know how long it's going to take me to get that thought out of my head? Pass the mental floss please...LOL!