Sunday, June 19, 2005

Musings On A Father's Day

I had one of those parking lot confrontations today, the type that I usually take pride in avoiding. A jerk in a red Acura NSX cut me off and certain pleasantries were exchanged. (For those of you who don't know what an NSX is, it's a mid-range Japanese exotic car providing an adequate penis-envy fix for men who're unsure if they're really man enough to drive a Porsche...)

We ended up side-by-side in Home Depot and he asked me to repeat what I'd said. So I did. He told me to " a better car.." I complimented him on his obvious toughness and razor-sharp wit, and that was that. No harm done.

But it got me most things do. And here's the conclusion that I'll offer to men everywhere: if your car does your talking, you don't have much worthwhile to say....and your penis really is small.

Happy Father's Day.

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: Commenter nancytoby suggested that a photo accompany this post. Good idea, if only I'd had my microscope along.


nancytoby said...

I think you should have posted a photo to supplement this one. ;)

Wil said...

HAAAAAAHAAAA!!!! I'd comment more but I can't quit laughing......


mipper said...

don't you just HATE people like that guy? you were very good in the store. i would've chucked a paint bucket at him. i always complain about people who take on the ego of their car, but when my mom was in town last week and i laid on a horn at some schmo who was sitting on a green light, she commented that maybe i was developing an identity crisis. no, i replied, i just hate stupid people and i hate stupid drivers even more. yeah... i think i have a problem. anyway, kudos for keeping your cool. you're a good man.. better than most, that is for sure.