Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fleeting and Random Optimist Impressions, and Advice To Self (The Idiot)

(1) Dark blue water bottles absorb a lot of heat and 100-degree Gatorade is nasty. Get some white bottles you idiot!

(2) Sweat in the eyes really stings. Get some sweat bands, you idiot!

(3) Get speed laces you idiot!

(4) Volunteers make these races possible. Say 'thanks' to them more often.

(5) I'm thinking that post-race pizza isn't that bad after all, so stop passing up the free meal, you idiot!

(6) How many really ugly-colored swim caps does one need? Yesterday's race added an orange cap to the previous race's pink. Are they recyclable? Shouldn't they be?

(7) Helmet on bike: good. Helmet on run: bad. Think, you idiot.

(8) Central Indiana is really flat, but you can always count on race organizers to find at least one grinding hill and put it early in the run.

(9) It's great watching first-time triathletes cross the finish line.

(10) The caravan of fire trucks and ambulances trailing the last finisher, sirens blaring and lights flashing, was pretty cool.

(11) I need more hot-weather training and racing experience.

(12) Hot weather sucks.

(13) The 30-minute run Karyn wanted me to do after I got home wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

(14) I HATE getting to T1 and finding my bike alone in a vast sea of empty. Tip-off #1 that my swim sucked.

(15) Streetside sprinklers along the run RULE!

(16) When I come into T2 as you, having already finished the race, are packing up your stuff to leave, my "excuse me" really means "GET THE FREAKIN' HELL OUTTA MY WAY BEFORE I START THROWING YOUR CRAP INTO THE LAKE!" I'm just sayin...


Comm's said...

For sweat in the eyes, I suffer the same thing and I now use a sweat band from a company called Halo. You can find them online or in bike stores. The headband (also comes in doo-rag) is dri-fit material with a thin built in rubber strap that pushes the sweat away from your face and towards your temples. Swear to God the thing works amazingly well.

As for speed laces, my $0.02 is avoid Yankeez, the brand with shock cord laces. To tight across the top. Instead just pick up some lace/cord tighteners and use your existing laces. Much easier to use when the hands go weird.

tri-mama said...

How cool you and Wil got to do the same race. Fun report, pretty darn impressive finish. I agree with Com, I'm not liking my Yankeez so much. keep it cool in this midwest swelter :)