Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yea Team!

Another motivational message from Karyn reflecting on last weekend's races and lessons learned. Notice she left out herself and her FIRST PLACE FINISH!!!!

From: Karyn Austin
Date: 5/25/2005 5:03:00 PM
Subject: GREAT JOB everyone this weekend!

Wow, what a weekend! I am SO proud of all the amazing efforts that came out of you guys. This was the first race of the season for so many of you, and like true triathletes, you all came out with lots of things to be proud of, some things you found you need to work on, and a true verification on why we love this sport so much!

Starting with GALENA, Steve, you set some great personal goals, survived that 62 degree water (walnuts in tact according to your BLOG!) and had a great race. Awesome efforts and a true confirmation that your 1/2 IM goal and 2006 IM Florida (Update: Now it's IMMOO) goal are completely within reach (Vertical is the word!)

Doug raced an off road duathlon and found out the meaning of "Quadzilla!" Those are TOUGH races. I'm proud of you for digging deep and sustaining those threshold HR's for as long as you did. Batavia will be a piece of cake compared to that.

Belated Congats to Dave M who survived the innagural Napa Valley 1/2 Ironman. Anyone who's ever been there can appreciate the HILLS he conquered on the bike and run courses. Typically I'm in a car on the way to yet another tasting, but my hat is off to you for surviving that course. Sounds like a fun race to put on the list of "must do's." (Great place to celebrate AFTER!)

On to MEMPHIS IN MAY!!!! What a fun weekend to get to hang with teammates. I can't tell you how proud I am of ALL of you. That is such a tough run course for the first race of the season, and every one of you fought the mental demons and slogged through a lot of discomfort!

Steve B., the "Mayor" of MSM. Beyond having a PR day for Olympic Distance pacing, he set up tents, handed out towels, and had beer and M&M's for all of us at the finish. You're the best! And you say you're not a runner? Better change that tune.

Sam C., rookie race of the year! Where did that bike split come from? We're expecting big things from you this season, BELIEVE in yourself.

Greg F, yet another "newbie" into our sport. You had a great day, stayed positive on a "no wetsuit" swim, learned a LOT on pacing (we have to RUN after hammering on the bike?) and finished with determination. Keep it up, we can't wait to see you finish your first 1/2 at Racine.

Melinda....What can I say my friend? You have FINALLY conquered the open water demons. Not only did you finish that swim, you raced the swim. Your pool times were right on with what you did that swim in. You dug deep on that run and deserve every minute of that PR. You looked prettty darned cute in your outfit as well!

Jeanne H., talk about a powerhouse on that bike!!! Watch out Lance! I think you learned some great lessons and you have the fortitude to learn from them so you will be able to put it ALL together at Nationals. Keep up the great efforts.

Mandi K, from ROWING to top 3 Age Group Finisher. You had a plan, executed the plan, and had the race of your life. I am so damn proud of you (it's because you didn't use that stupid bucket to wash your feet after the swim!) You ROCKED that course!

Ashley L, holy cow. Can you say MAJOR PR? Ashley took over 14 minutes off her bike split from last year!!!!! You have worked your butt off, and it is paying. Get ready for Nationals, I think you are going to look pretty darned good in red, white and blue in Hawaii!

Sally L, our favorite cheerleader, and a swim PR by over 2 minutes. It SUCKS being injured, but you WILL be back. We just hope we can do as great of a job cheering for YOU at Memphis next year. (Heck, you got to meet some of the cutest darned Pro's I've ever seen.)

Joe L, what a GREAT day of mental toughness you had. You will TAKE that experience and it will be what allows you to have an awesome first IM in Madison. To get a personal best with starting out with a tough swim is huge. Most people would have just gotten through, you dug deep and pulled out a GREAT bike and run split. I still think you were looking way too good on that dam LoPresto. Good thing IM is the ultimate goal or you'd be on my list.

Ramona who does it ALL well. HUGE PR for you in all 3 events. It is very cool to see someone at your level continue to have such great improvements. You are mentally tough, and that is what will allow you to continue to see success in all you do.

Miss Joyce, what a difference a year makes???? Last year at Memphis you were just happy to be out there after a long vacation in the hospital. I know it was a tough day for you, but please don't lose sight of how much stronger you are this year. You are HEALTHY and you will have everything come together. Learn from the frustrating points, RELISH the fact that you did not need that damn wetsuit this year, that is a huge hurdle! Those 50+ women won't know what heppened when it all comes together.

I truly am proud of each and every one of you. Some of you haven't gotten that first race out of your system yet. It's a LONG season, this is just the beginning which makes it even more exciting.
Keep up your great efforts everyone. You make my job easy.


Wil said...

This is awesome - definitely the kind of thing I need to read a week before the marathon - thanks!

Comm's said...

you got a great coach there.