Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend Update

Wow, it's almost Monday morning where I live. Darn weekends. Can't trust 'em. Just when you get into a "weekend" frame of mind they run off and leave you, only to return a few days later to tease some more.

But I grabbed a tight hold of the weekend past - my last training weekend before the Galena tri. Grabbed hold, seized it really, throttled it, shook it like a rag doll and held on 'til it cried 'uncle' and promised to return much more often. Then I got on my bike and hammered the sucker. 2:30 and 63K on Saturday and 1:20 and 34K today.

Nothing too special, eventful or incident-provoking (thankfully.) Just keeping my cadence at or above 85, attacking the hills as my legs would allow, and doing numerous time-trial repeats as the roads and stoplights would allow. I hit a wind-unaided 45K/hr on a stretch of level road, actually blowing right through a local constable's radar-aided speed trap at a few miles above the posted speed limit. But after a 1/2 mile or so, my kidneys melted down and I realized just how far I have yet to go before Steelhead slaps me right in the kisser.

Let's see. How many more weekends are there between now and August 6? Yeah, you're right. Not nearly enough.


Comm's said...

wow thats a great ride. I am really impressed.

soccerdad said...

nice rides. i finally got out for a ride last week.
don't worry. there's plenty of weekends between now and august 6. it's what you do with them that's important.

susie said...

blowing through the speed trap....I love it!

Wil said...

WTG on the rides! And I'm starting to feel the nerves kick in for Steelhead, too. 12 weekends and counting...yikes.

mipper said...

sounds great. you'll be ready... just keep up the good work.