Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pre-Galena Training Week

Due to our cold spring, it's looking more and more like the Galena Triathlon will become the Galena Duathlon. Apple Canyon Lake's current temp is 55 degrees, cold enough (according to Intrepid Training Partner) to send your walnuts up to your diaphragm. Unless the temp reaches 60 degrees by noon on Friday we'll be doing a 2-mile run instead. Darn. I was sorta looking forward to the swim.

Monday's 2,350 swim has to be described in some detail. After a 400 warm-up the main set called for:

  1. 100 easy, 50 mod, 50 fast
  2. 50 easy, 100 mod, 50 fast
  3. 50 easy, 50 mod, 100 fast
  4. 100 fast, 50 easy, 50 mod
  5. 50 fast, 100 easy, 50 mod
  6. 50 fast, 50 easy, 100 mod
  7. Repeat #'s 1, 2 and 3

A 45-minute run after the swim included various drills: skips, high-steps, carioca, butt kicks, bounds and strides, all done the length of Lifetime's basketball courts to the amusement of numerous free throw-bricking lunkheads. That's OK, guys. I'll see you on the tri circuit sometime. I'll be the one kicking your ass!

A word about carioca, not to be confused with Karaoke, that wretched Japanese export where you take a really bad song and "improve" it by having two drunken morons sing along. No, carioca is a sideways running drill (and Boot Camp staple) where, as you move to your left, for example, you lead with your left foot, then your right foot crosses in front of your left, left foot again, right foot behind left, etc. It's a good drill for balance, foot speed and some muscles that don't get used all that often.

Tuesday was a 1:30 bike that I stretched to almost 2:00. And, so far today I've done a 45 minute run with 2X(5X40 second fast tempo intervals, 20 second recoveries) and a 45 minute easy spin bike ride. I'm moving the called-for swim to tomorrow; Tri-daughter #4 and I are going car shopping instead.

The rest of the week shapes up thusly: swim tomorrow, drive to Galena on Friday, try to get in a short swim (if we're still swimming) and a bike and run just to keep things loose and limber, go to bed early, wake up and RACE!


Flatman said...

You have been very diligent in your training, good sir. I am amazed at your dedication. You are going to absolutely kick this courses ass! I can feel it...

Comm's said...

You are very illustrative of the functional training, 'core' training stuff I have been writing about. Good job and great workouts.

mipper said...

you'll so awesome! can't wait to hear the report. good luck.

Wil said...

Do you like the run after the swim? I do mine before (when not on my death bed) and then the water doesn't seem so cold. Anyway, interested in hearing your thoughts.

Vertical Man said...

If I have a REALLY intense workout in one discipline, I try to get that one in first; otherwise I'm agnostic about the order and simply try to fit the workouts into my schedule as best I can.

correre said...

so how did your race go???? my friend finished last in his age group in the galena race you have any suggestions??