Friday, May 27, 2005

It's All About the Ahhhhh

Ahhhhhhh. That's me crashing into a chair after today's 2:00 brick workout - 1:30 biking and :30 running. The bike was 30 minutes in Zone 1, 15 minutes in Zone 2, 30 minutes in Zone 3 and, finally, 15 in Zone 4 going all out. A skidding turn into the driveway, throw the bike in the living room, stop to admire the new grease stain on the chair and head out on the run.

I ran fairly easy for 10 minutes to get my legs going, then pushed the pace into Zone 3/4 for the last 20 minutes. Karyn said today was the week's key workout (something about processing lactic acid...) and it feels pretty darn good to have it behind me.

Now thunderstorms are rolling in and I'm gonna turn off all the lights and watch the lightning's reflection out over the lake. Tomorrow's weather looks a little iffy for a 3:00 bike, but I'm gonna do my best to dodge raindrops and get out there on the Steelhead bike course.

Safe and healthy training, everybody.

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