Sunday, May 15, 2005

Eco Challenge Here I Come

Recently, and for reasons known only to Google's boffins, there have been lots of ads on Life Is A Tri for adventure racing gear. Adventure racing is cool. It's what I'm going to do when I retire from triathlons or turn 70, whichever comes first.

The tri-wife has been waiting semi-patiently for this mid-life crisis to run its course. Hah! Honey, I need a kayak and some climbing gear (and lessons.) And a really cool mountain bike. And then we're moving to British Columbia (after we move to Panama City for IMFL.)

1 comment:

Wil said...

LOL! Google's Boffins, I may have to steal that line - but at least you're lucky to have some sort of athletic endevor solicited on your site - for some reason I have teen pregnancy, etc. WTH ?? Must be the prom posts - good Lord.