Sunday, April 24, 2005

This Week's Training Plan (4/25 to 5/1/2005)

This is week 4 of Base 3. Total training hours this week are 12:10.

* Monday: Swim 1:15; (2,500 yards;) Run 0:40
* Tuesday: Bike 1:30; Strength 0:30
* Wednesday: Swim 1:00 (1,700 yards;) Run 1:00
* Thursday: Bike 2:00
* Friday: Run 1:15
* Saturday: Swim 1:00; (1,900 yards)
* Sunday: Race: Steelcase Grand Duathlon, Kentwood, MI (5K/30K/5K)


Flatman said...

Hey man, great totals for the week. I wish we were all as dedicated to our schedules as you are. Keep up the good work and hop by my blog if you get the chance!


Vertical Man said...

Thanks! Dedication to training is easy for me right now, as I'm on a bit of a
professional sabbatical...recharging some batteries after 21+ years of
trench warfare in health are mostly out of the house, wife's
working all day, etc.

Comm's said...

Thanks for posting your schedule. It motivates me to see numbers like that.

Wil said...

Hey - Friday is my day off, too! I was thinking about making it Monday, but what the hell is there to do that's fun on Monday?