Friday, April 01, 2005


It looks like the Great Suburban Outback is about to get stormed on in a big way. Yikes.

Just climbed out of the pool after a 2,500+ yard workout. The main set: 500 at T-pace (60 second rest). Then 300 faster than preceding 300 pace (60”). A 200 faster than preceding 200 pace (60”). Another 200 faster than preceding 200 pace (60”). A final 100 faster than preceding 200 pace. Cool-down with a 700 easy swim.

I did the swim, and the last 100 was probably the fastest of all, but I don't think I quite have the gears yet to swim 1,300 descending my times throughout the set. Course a year ago I couldn't swim 100 without hyperventilating. I should be more thankful for the progress I've made and less frustrated by the progress yet to come.

Well, Tri-Daughter #3 just called unexpectedly; she drove home from college and actually wants to go out to dinner with me. How cool is that! She gets to choose and it'll probably be sushi or Italian, or Indian, maybe. Perhaps Thai. It's all good and best of all, it's my daughter and I don't have to cook or clean up.


Wil said...

Those are GREAT pictures! And I know what you mean about the swim progress. Eight months ago I couldn't even swim with my face in the water! Now I can go a mile + and am just fine.

Indian food sounds great! That's my vote for what it's worth. Hope you have a great time with your daughter.

Comm's said...

oh to swim better. It will be my eternal bain.

Vertical Man said...

I don't know what the deal is with swimming. I watched some collegiate swim meet today on ESPN2 and those guys take half the strokes I do to cover 25 yards.

My breathing is still the main problem, though. I feel like I can't get my breath unless I literally stop, stand up and take a deep breath. Easy to do in the pool. Not so easy in Lake Michigan while partway through a half-Ironman! I was even tested for exercise-induced asthma, which I don't have.

Vertical Man said...

Oh, and we had Italian for dinner! Maybe Indian for lunch tomorrow.

Flatman said...

Sweet! There is nothing like family time. Glad you enjoyed the time. I have GOT to start swimming again. I haven't been in the pool since last summer!! !EEK!

I am in big trouble!