Saturday, April 16, 2005

Q: What Did You Do During Your Recovery Week, Daddy?

A: Not a heck of a lot, thanks for asking. I've been too busy blowing big holes in Karyn's well-crafted schedule and my bike's been in the shop getting its pre-season tuneup, new tires, brake pads, etc. So training has not been 'by the book' to say the least. Unless the book is by Dr. Seuss.

Wednesday: Karyn organized a track workout for her clients. I was under strict orders to take it easy post half-marathon but still managed to have a "wonderful" time running miles, 800's and 400's. Running with a group is fun and I can really use the speed work. Looks like it's going to be a Wednesday evening routine for a while.

Thursday: a 2,300 yard 'recovery' swim. Karyn reminded me how oxymoronic that term used to be. Along the way I did 10X(50 fast, 100 easy) just to get used to the feeling of swimming and breathing when I'm a little above my lactate threshold - which I usually am early in a race. Not sure exactly how that fits with the 'recovery' part of the swim, but it felt good so I did it.

Friday: one of those days. Tax day. I didn't have time for the full workout and wasn't really in a training frame of mind anyway, not after writing a big check to that fat bastard otherwise known as the IRS. I jumped into the pool intending to do 2X1,000 straight swims. Made it through the first 1,000 fine but aborted the second at 700 due to some rib cage muscle pain (the fat bastard's final revenge) then finished the day with a 45-minute strength workout.

Today it's two hours on the tuned-up bike, and a bricked 30 minute run. Out into the sunshine I go. Ready? Let's brick!

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