Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday, Monday. Can't Trust That Day.

What is it about Monday's anyway? Either my brain is not thawed out from the weekend, or today was just weird. With Tri-Daughter #4's car in the body shop (since her older sister backed into her...try explaining THAT to Allstate,) I've been busy running her hither and yon. She's a mite stressed over having 4 final exams tomorrow. Cat the Ripper is busy being incontinent. The Weather Geek is busy springing a 67 degree day on us after talking about snow and windchills yesterday. I heard from a high school buddy that I hadn't heard from since, well, high school. And our neighborhood's favorite little Italian restaurant (yes, the one where everybody knows our names) is now CLOSED on Mondays. Argh.

But I plodded through a 40 minute, 4.4 mile, Zone 1 run and an hour-long, 2,500 yard swim. The swim was 5X500, with each 500 having a different focus: easy swims, fingertip drills, pulls/breathing every three strokes and descending stroke counts. The swim went great (that's weird) and I was actually on-time picking tri-daughter #4 up from school (that's really weird.)

Less than a week 'til the Steelcase Duathlon. I've sworn an oath to Karyn to be moderate in my training, temperate in my diet and extensive in my sleep through next Sunday morning (weird again.) The race is a 5k run/30k bike/5k run format. My strategy is to run 7:30 miles in the first 5k, hit the bike REALLY hard and see what (if anything) I have left for the last 5k. It'll be weird if there's more than the bare minimum.

And it's less than a month 'til my race season's first tri in Galena, IL. A woman in the adjacent lane today (a great swimmer by the way) was wearing a swim cap with some half-Ironman logo on it. I asked her which half IM she'd done. Her matter of fact response: "Lots of them. And quite a few full IMs" We got to talking and it turns out that she's taking a post-partum break from racing this summer in favor of her husband's quest to qualify for Kona. And he's doing Galena.

Of course he is. I'm wondering what part of "In way over my head" is unclear to me. That situation, of course, is not weird at all.


Flatman said...

Can't wait to hear how the duathlon goes!!! Keep up the hard work, it WILL pay off!!!

Comm's said...

Its so amazing to me to see people that I assume I am in better shape than and then see them do the most amazing things.

Wil said...

LOL! You're going to be fine - You're just training through, anyway.

You want to go to Kona, too, right? OK, there you go, free perspective check ;)