Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lazy Day

Today's a brief one-day taper before tomorrow's duathlon. It's the start of my multi-sport racing season and I can't wait. I've got that "let's get going" feeling in the pit of my stomach. At least I think that's what it is.

I'll go for a short walk today, hydrate, eat 5 or so small meals and generally relax. If Intrepid Training Partner (ITP) gets here (southwest Michigan) early enough, we're going to check out the race venue so we kinda know what we're in for tomorrow...and how to get there.

It's also my mother in-law's birthday tomorrow. We're each celebrating in our own way. The rest of the family's going to brunch; ITP and I are going to race. We'll catch up later to compare notes and calories ingested/burned.

I've never worried about finishing a race, but will admit to some stress over living up to my own expectations. This year I've trained harder, longer and smarter (thanks, Karyn!) so my expectations are higher. As I better understand my performance capacities and limitations I have less patience for racing below those limits.

But each day and each race is different. And, whatever happens tomorrow, I'll be satisfied if I do my best, have fun and learn something. I'm also curious about what pace I'll be able to maintain on the bike. I'm gonna make the 'ol Kestrel suffer a bit and I'm sure she'll return the favor. Onward and upward...


nancytoby said...

Good luck and give it hell!!! :)

Flatman said...

Cool...make sure you let us know how it went and good luck!

Meagan said...

Good luck today! Be strong and run like the wind :)