Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm Short A Lung

Quick post before I run out the door to the Great Suburban Outback's mega-jetplex monster traffic crunch airport thingie otherwise known as O'Hare otherwise known as "Hello From Richie Daley the Younger..." Picking up my mom who's gonna teach me how to make apple pie.

Nice one-hour swim today, 1,800 yards, nothing too strenuous, focusing on getting my stroke counts down from the typical 20 per 25 to 17 or 18. It usually takes more patience and discipline than I possess, but today went pretty well.

This evening was Karyn's regular Wednesday evening track workout. A mile warm-up led into 3X1 mile descends, i.e. each mile should get faster than the one before. I ran a 7:42, a 6:46 and a 6:30. Then I hacked up a lung. No, really. I'll show it to you.

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Comm's said...

That is so awesome of a workout today. No symptoms of Common Man Syndrome in your posts lately. Must be some thing in the tea, Uhmm?