Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Brick Upside the Head

I must've pushed today's bike hard enough to reach the "Karyn-approved" zone. The ensuing run totally sucked.

The bike was a 2-hour trip through the Great Suburban Outback's finest and least-travelled roads, featuring a 8X(2 minutes all out, i.e. big gear, 95+ cadence) as the main attraction. A Starbucks' triple espresso interlude halfway through was just what the doctor ordered. (Say, who IS this doctor, anyway? I kinda like her!)

Home and then out for 30 minutes of running: just under 4 miles with the aforementioned 'suck' factor hard at work.

Now it's the Cubs in one ear and the Bulls in the other. I don't like either team but I'm too tired to change the channels. Where's a good hockey scrum when you need it? Oh, right. I just remembered. "Dollar" Bill Wirtz wasn't making enough money from his Blackhawks ownership so he shut the team down for a year. What an effing genius. Too bad there's no IQ test for inheritances...

1 comment:

Wil said...

Have to admit that I like hockey better, myself.

Guess all that wine is catching up with you, hmm? But hey, you got through it. great job!