Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tuesday's Triathlon Workout (2/15/05)

I finally found a gap in the rain clouds promising enough to run outdoors. 60 minutes, 75% of max effort, working again on form - arms, stride and cadence. Ran 8 hill repeats with a walk-back recovery. 6.7 miles and home I went to...

...get on the bike trainer for 30 minutes of easy spinning. 15 minutes at 90+ and the rest at a comfortable 80 rpm's.

The late Jimmy Smith accompanied me on the bike with his soulful Hammond B3 organ. Amazon.com calls this "...the kind of nasty, back-alley music that makes you wince in ecstasy. With Stanley Turrentine's tenor and Kenny Burrell's guitar sharing solo space, the Hammond master digs in with a blues-drenched shovel." I dug in with a blues-drenched bike...if that makes any sense.

And now it's raining again. Yay.


Anonymous said...

I was in Nawlins a few (3?) years ago @ the JazzFest. Hotter than hot. Sitting in this giant tent when this guy from your neck of the woods (chicago?)comes out. Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials. Unbelieveable. The guy was incredible and quite the showman. Good luck w/ the IM.

Vertical Man said...

I've seen Lil Ed a time or two myself. A few years ago he played a street festival about a block from my house. I'd like to get to the New Orleans JazzFest sometime. Maybe in '06. Take care and thanks for commenting!