Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday's Workout (2/14/05)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie. Yes, I know it's a fake, Hallmark-sponsored holiday. So what? So one day a year you buy something sweet and nice and (maybe) do something thoughtful for a special person. That's hardly extending yourself, 'ol buddy. Make it a habit and then you'll be entitled to call Valentine's Day fake. End of rant. Now on to training...

Today was swimming and strength training. First, an hour in the pool doing various drills to "make me one with the water." It's a Zen thing. Fingertip drag drills, taking one stroke off per 25, working on form and keeping that darn lead arm weightless. Believe it or not (and Karyn probably doesn't) I'm starting to get it.

45 minutes of strength training finished the day's exertions. Except for the 10 minutes of cool-down spinning. And 10 minutes of stretching. I think that's it.

Then I came home and made Parmesan Chicken and a nice green salad with a lemon & olive oil dressing. Some chocolate truffles completed things, at least where dinner's concerned.

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